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I know the pictures are of really crap quality, but that's what I get for not having a digital camera.

Front of Box
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Back of box
Image hosted by

Back of case
Image hosted by

Disc 1
Image hosted by Image hosted by

Disc 2
Image hosted by

Disc 3
Image hosted by

Disc 4
Image hosted by

Disc 5
Image hosted by

Disc 6
Image hosted by

Gilmore-isms and Season 4 guide
Image hosted by

I spent most of Christmas day watching it. ^_^ Went to bed at 4 and when I woke up at 9 I started watching again. Took a break cos people were starting to think I was avoiding them...

Anyhow, thanks Prefit!

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i got season 4 too. But I've only watched about 6 episodes...
I just finished watching disc 3. I'm trying to cut back on the obsessive watching cos my girlfriend's getting pissy cos I'm ignoring her. Hehe
Mmm. Season 4. I finished watching disc 4 last night. Mmm. It was an episodes I hadn't seen as well. Hee. Brilliant.
Yes, I have finally joined! and I'm loving it Mari - nice one :) I still need to save and get it... but it is okay, cos I downloaded them all a while ago :)

Loving the community though!