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Gilmore Life

Gilmore Girls
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This is, yes, yet another Gilmore Girls community! Here you can talk about episodes, post your favorite quotes, talk about favorite characters, moments and episodes as well.

There are however a few rules everyone must follow in other to keep our community clean and fun:
* 1-Some memebers may not be up to date on the same series, so to avoid unwated spoiling: All episode discussion(from any season) must be posted behind a cut.

*2- Pictures must be no bigger than 300x400, if bigger please post behind a cut to spare dial-uppers from tedious waiting.

*3- Keep language clean!

*4- No judging other memebers. Discussions are allowed, but no arguing and no insulting.

Posts and comments will be deleted(depending on content, modified) if the rules are broken.

Happy Gilmoring!!

Any questions or complaints feel free to e-mail me